New Lens
In this first-ever Fantastica volume, we seek to perceive a familiar work with fresh eyes. Through a new lens, we envision ways to rise above interior design trends constantly shifting with the times; we attempt to set trends, not follow their lead.

The inspiration came when we were working on a technique called ‘Kerfing’ that bends laminates to fit curved forms. With further experimentation, we realized this technique could be used to create many distinct black edges. While black outlines are usually seen as a visual disadvantage, it inspired us to present outlines as a series of designer line and curve patterns. This collaboration with Formica made perfect sense because patterning accentuates new properties of Formica laminates. With the right idea and materials, what we can do to surface is endless.

Urban Industrial

Street minimalism, modernized

Soft Luxury

The new era of sophisticated splendor

Graphic Expression

The paragon of bold beyond — expressive, unbounded, and free

New Zen

Essence of the East.
Timeless across all borders.